5 Ideas for Christmas Party 2021

| Date: 27/09/2021, 07:31 AM |

Christmas or festive season is coming, it’s coming no matter what, great pandemic or other reasons. It’s time of the year to celebrate, from small things to great achievement. Maybe it’s about the time you are tasked on the quest to find an idea for your corporate Christmas gala. On any quest, it’s better to get some advice and helps from someone else so you may know where to go. So, below Event Management Company in Phu Quoc - YesEvents have listed 5 ideas for your convenience.


  1. Idea for Tropical Christmas Gala

Now, Christmas is the time of winter, lots of snow and flakes, how about a twist? You can bring it to the sunny beach in the afternoon and gigantic fire camp by the beach in the evening. Mix lots of tropical greenery with some traditional Christmas decoration, build some sandman, serve tropical cocktails, have your favorite music remixed to tropical, and don’t forget your famous flamingo for a Tropical Christmas.


idea 2021 for Christmas party


  1. Xmas Party idea – Under the Sea

Even more if you can never get enough of the sea. Great, host your whole Xmas gala Under the Sea. Imagine and use anything you may think of from our beloved sea. Jellyfish can act as lighting decoration, pearl and starfish can build a great Christmas tree to your like, etc. In case you want something more mythical and greater than life, build your own Xmas party at the mysterious Atlantis: add some sci-fi technology stuffs, mix with great Greece aesthetic.


concept 2021 for Christmas party


  1. Idea for Christmas party – Around the World

As proposed by Event Company in Phu Quoc – YesEvents, going places (tropical island, under the sea) for Christmas gala is good, but in case you want something more metropolitan, fancier and more varied, Christmas around the world is a theme for your consideration. From this photo booth you are in glamorous Paris, a city of love; just a few steps away, in the next photo corner and you are already in USA, in their bustling and most fancy high town. Build as many photo-corners as your desire.


ideas for Christmas party 2021


  1. Great Gatsby idea for Christmas Gala

The idea of going is not limited to places, you can go back in time to golden age with
Great Gatsby theme for Christmas gala. Art deco is still there and rising passionately. It offers stylish, luxury and vibrant look and feel.


ideas for Christmas 2021


  1. Idea for Christmas gala – Black-tie

Event Management Company Phu Quoc – YesEvents proposes the black-tie concept if you want to go to a Christmas gala which is high class and elegant. Simply host a black-tie gala at a museum holding an art auction. All decoration is toned down a bit, only what you want to show the most stands out, for examples: Christmas centerpiece, art pieces, collectibles, logo etc.


ideas for Christmas party


 So far, Event Company in Phu Quoc - YesEvents have covered where you might go for this Christmas gala. It’s important to choose where your destination is but the reasons, meaning, and messages you want to convey to your audience (colleagues) on this journey are equally essential. YesEvents can and are happy to help you with both: theme and concept for Christmas party.


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